Online SURVEY concerning Language Technology (LT) and Language-centric Artificial Intelligence

EU flagship project “European Language Equality” (ELE) has organised a survey of great importance for all of us working with the languages of Europe. We ask you to look at and respond to this online SURVEY concerning Language Technology (LT) and Language-centric Artificial Intelligence.

The link: 

You will see that it is available in all official European languages and some regional ones, so please answer in your own language as we would like as many responses as possible in the full range of languages. Please note, it should take less than 5 minutes to complete, so isn’t a big commitment.

The questionnaire asks you to evaluate the current situation with respect to the level of LT support for languages spoken in Europe, to indicate challenges, and to share needs and expectations for the future.  Please take part and find others to participate in this pan-European effort, which will impact the field of LT in Europe for the next 10-15 years, including the funding situation.

This survey was launched some time ago but the deadline has been extended into April as we would like more people to complete it. Please circulate it and encourage your members to complete it as soon as possible.

Visit European Language Equality website for more information:

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