ECML Call for proposals

Three weeks left to apply to the European Centre for Modern Languages’ Call for proposals.

There are just over three weeks left to  respond to the European Centre for Modern Languages’ Call for its  forthcoming programme, entitled  Inspiring innovation in language education: changing contexts, evolving competences.

The Call is  based on a  wide range of possible themes, so if you have  innovative ideas on language teaching and learning  it represents an excellent chance  to make a positive contribution to this increasingly important area at a European level.  Don’t just take our word for it – you can see what some of the current project coordinators say about their experiences with the ECML !

You can apply either as a coordinator of a project or as a team member:

  • As a coordinator, you are invited to  propose an outline for a language education project, based on the priority areas determined  by the 33 ECML member states,  as well as details of your experience and expertise in this area
  • To apply as a team member, you are simply invited to outline  your expertise and experience in the area for which you are applying   

Don’t miss out on this unique  opportunity  to share and enrich your ideas on language education through European cooperation, with the support of a renowned Council of Europe institution!

Further details on the forthcoming ECML  programme, its priorities  and on  how to apply are available at:

The closing date  for the receipt of applications  is  22 April 2019.