Project Based Learning activities in Covid-19 times

11th Virtual Round Table Web Conference 
Friday, 8 May 2020
5:30 pm GMT

“Project Based Learning activities in Covid-19 times”
Attilio Galimberti, Italy
Moderation: Heike Philp

In times of Covid-19 and distance learning, I had my high school students work on a multilingual project that had different aims. The most important one was to try to divert my students from their anxieties and concerns, as we all live in an Italian city (Bergamo) that has been the most affected by this pandemic. Students are 16-17 and in small groups they created a web space in which, together with some parents, recorded and uploaded some videos showing their best dishes. They used different languages: English, Italian, Albanian, Arabic, Romanian, Spanish… even our local dialect! To get an idea of the project, look here. Then click on the name of the dishes in each group to watch and listen to the videos made by the students and their parents in different languages (click on subtitles).

Attilio Galimberti has been a teacher of English for more than 30 years. He gained some experience as a teacher trainer for language associations, CLIL teachers and for Universities in Bergamo and Milan (pre-service and in-service teacher training courses). Educational material writer for some publishing houses, his research focuses on learning technologies and blended learning for language learning and teaching.
He thinks that global collaboration broadens students’ perspectives, and provides a means for them to connect with learning within and beyond the classroom. Students and their families understand the importance of living in a globalized world and how learning technologies can help them connect to other schools in the world, using many languages.
In 2010 he was awarded a TESOL Italy ‘Sirio di Giuliomaria’ Award, given for a three-year language tandem project (Italian-English) carried out with the University of Oregon in Eugene (see the award notification here)

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