Appuntamento mensile #TeachingHacks della Rete ANILS Mondo – febbraio 2024

Annuncio per l’appuntamento mensile #TeachingHacks della Rete ANILS Mondo

Durante i nostri incontri, ci ritroviamo su Google Meet e discutiamo diversi temi sull’insegnamento delle lingue straniere o della lingua italiana.

Il prossimo incontro, tenuto da Francesca Ripamonti, sarà sui Educational Escape Rooms.

Per partecipare:

Mercoledì 28 febbraio · 4:00 – 5:00PM (ore italiane)

Link alla videochiamata:

**L’intervento sarà in lingua italiana.

Riassunto: Can you create an Educational Escape Room virtually?

Can you create an Educational Escape Room virtually? The answer is yes – and much more easily than you may think!

Educational Escape Rooms (ERs) have recently proven to be a functional game-based approach adaptable to teaching various subjects. They have become increasingly popular as team-building activities for students.

The general concept is that participants must answer questions to escape a virtual room. Fortunately, there is an effortless way to bring the challenge of an online escape room into the classroom with Open Educational Resources(OERs). Therefore, we will experiment with some escape room creations and a successful user-developed example: learning Shakespeare with fun.

The templates we will offer will be easily customized into various digital action games set in fictional environments, where the participants will learn how to design puzzles, tangle clues, and hide objects while working on their specific plots or topics. Also, collaboratively, they will master how to unveil riddles and accomplish specific digital tasks to successfully escape the rivals’ locked rooms in the allotted amount of time.

Such a scenario will allow the players/students to experience the disciplinary details in a new and innovative light, which would otherwise remain purely theoretical within a more traditional teaching and learning setting.


Relatrice: Francesca Ripamonti, University of Milan (Italy); Liceo scientifico “Gandini”, Lodi