Embracing language awareness and language diversity in the 21st century

We are very glad to announce the No. 1, Vol. 15 (2019) of Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society (Je-LKS) is online!THE NEW ISSUE – VOL. 15, N.1 – JANUARY 2019EMBRACING LANGUAGE AWARENESS AND LANGUAGE DIVERSITY IN THE 21ST CENTURYThis issue, with the Guest Editors Letizia Cinganotto (INDIRE, Italy) and Kristina Lodding Cunningham (Senior Policy Officer, in charge of Multilingualism in the Directorate General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture of the European Commission) is titled “Embracing Language Awareness and Language Diversity in the 21st Century”.You can have OPEN and FREE access to all articles and contents at the following URL: www.je-lks.org